5 Reasons why starting days of Blogging are horrible

By | July 30, 2016

Each day many new bloggers join The awesome network of blogging.

And each day, many bloggers just quite from blogging.

It is hard truth to accept that bloggers are still quitting from blogging instead of making a new blog like Probloggers and Copybloggers.

Actually these bloggers think that they have used all the tips and tricks on their blogs (and do you know, it’s just in few months of starting).


It is not the fact because blogging is the game of experiments and learning new things daily.

Bloggers should understand that these are just the starting days and they will pass soon if they concentrate more on work instead of name, fame or money.

I tell you to ask pro blogger about their starting days,

They will tell you how horrible were these days (Rare if someone had not).

So why don’t you call yourself a Pro Blogger


Of course if they have faced these situations then why you should not?

I am writing this post to let you know about the horrible days of blogging and a way teach you that they have come to pass.

5 Reasons why starting days of blogging are horrible

Problem: 1-No visitors

When you start a blog, no one knows about you blog.

Even in first few months no one visits your blog. You just keep looking at Google analytic stat.

I know what results you get their

10 to 20 visits

Average time on site: 03 s.

City: mostly your city name

Now let me solve it for you.


Let’s say you open a shop next to your home.

You don’t have anything to sell, and you just keep looking at the sale growth

Then tell me,

Are you not making a fool of yourself or others?

Same case is here with blogging, in starting days, you must focus on creating useful posts for your visitors only.

Forget about visits and money, just make Good content and share it with your friends on social media website.

Believe me if something that came for your heart and experience will go viral soon and then Google will also be ranking you up in the results.

Problem: 2-No money

We all need money to survive in our life.

Without money you can go for while but you cannot go further.

Yes, it is applicable in blogging too.

In fact money is motivation in blogging and this create problem in those days.

Without visitors you cannot earn even a penny from your blog.

And if you want to earn a handsome amount then you must have thousands of visitors

So what to do for it?


There are many examples of blogger who are earning good money just with 300-400 visitors.

Yes it is true my friend, all you need to just find the way.

The very common and my favorite way is sponsored reviews. Find companies of you niche, mail them all and offer sponsored review.

In starting you must ask for less money but after that you can demand for 500$ too.

You can make a section of paid guest post.

You can also submit your article to the websites that pays you some dollars for it.

Note: Getting 300-400 visitors per day in few months is not a big task if you are serious for blogging.

Problem: 3-No Backlinks for SEO

If I call backlinks as the backbone of SEO world then I will not be lying to you.

Without backlinks, you blog is not going to come up in ranking.

When you start a blog, you have ZERO backlinks and no one like to link with you.

It is a well know fact that getting backlinks is not easy in starting days unless or until you provide something out of the box.

Even when you submit your blog to different directories they refuse your blog to submit.

So here is the something for you


I hope you all know about guest posting. It is the best way to take dofollow backlink from high PR blogs.

If you are just submitting one or two guest post in a month then you are not doing anything.

Blogger who are serious about their blog write about 10-15 guest posts in a month.

Also publish your blog on various social media website and bookmarking websites.

Wanna try harder: Find blogs of your niche and email them to connect with your blog.

No community

Problem: 4-Loneliness

I hate being alone, yes it’s my own opinion and I wanted to share that how big problem was it for me.

I had no friend with whom I could share my blogging crisis.

I felt alone because all my friends used to go for their jobs and office and I sat alone at home.

Even when they come in the evening, they used to fresh their mind using social media websites or T.V. and again I found myself alone in garden.

But don’t worry my friends now I have learnt how to handle it.


It is human behavior that we love to be around other people. You cannot neglect it but making a proper time table can solve this problem.

You know when I talked with my friends they told me that even they are don’t want to go to the office but they have to do it for survival and same thing I decided by sitting alone and just focusing on blogging.

I cannot give you complete guidance here for fighting with loneliness so I made a separate post for how to avoid loneliness in bogging.

Problem: 5-Criticism

As a full time blogger, you will always be facing criticism till you start earning something out of it.

Everyone wants to know that for the whole day what you do on laptop.

Even they call you a social media addict because they don’t know about blogging. It really hurts because you are facing so many blogging problems and still everyone is criticizing you for your decision.

Here is what you should focus on


First of all understand that criticism is the integral part of any big Purpose.

And those who are criticizing you for blogging will always do the same if you start doing job or anything what they want.

Your life is in your hand and it is your decision.

Have faith in you and prove everyone that

Yes I was RIGHT.

So here I end up this post and I hope now you will be able to face horrible days of blogging.

Really, I missed something?

According to me I am done, but if you still think that I have missed any other problem then please tell me in comment section. I will be happy to look you in comment section.

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