15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging:

By | July 30, 2016

Whenever someone asks me how is the life of blogger?

I got confused that what part I should tell him about blogging. Should I tell him bright side or dark side?

As blogging has created a great difference in my life style and I have completely changed as I was. It is not just about me. All the bloggers feels some advantages and disadvantages of blogging.

I am not going to discuss with you that how tough life I have faced and how much blogging I have enjoyed. I am giving you some points that will give you an idea about advantages and disadvantages of blogging.

15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging

With this you can get to know how you many problems you will be facing as a full time blogger and how your life will be fulfilled by joy.

Advantages of Blogging

  1. Easy to start

I can bet you that it the simplest business to start. It does not require so much experience and starting a blog is completely hustle free.

As in other business, you will need land, huge investment and employers etc. but in blogging you can start your own venture alone. Blogs are very easy to start because you need to just buy a domain name, web hosting plan to start it.

Also if you want to start a professional blog then you may need to buy a theme for the website which is very easy to integrate. There is no technical knowledge needed at starting level

  1. Unexpected results

When your blog starts running then there is no limit of opportunities for you. You cannot even imagine that how much results you can get from blogging.

I am not saying that you will get one night success but your experiments with blog will give you unexpected results with lots of money, name and fame for sure.

  1. No need to go to office

I am not sure whether I am right or not but for me going to the office at a particular time was really horrible. It is like being a school child who daily goes to school, do his school work and then come back.

And actually, it is the best part of blogging for me that I don’t need to go to the office. I know student’s life is the best life and discipline is also good but you cannot live your whole life just by going school.

There should be something that can make you feel free. You must have life without peer pressure that is served again by BLOGGING.

  1. Be your own boss

Entrepreneurs always say,” It is really a great feeling of being your own boss”.

Yes blogging provides you such an opportunity. You don’t need to listen anyone’s order. You are free with your decisions. It makes you a responsible person too.

There is lots of politics takes place in the office where your colleague butters your boss and gets promotion but I blogging, there is no such way of promotion. Only your work is responsible for your promotion.

  1. It is Flexible

Blogging task is completely flexible as compared to other task. As you are your own boss so you can manage everything according to you. We all bloggers make time table that suites us.

Few bloggers loves to work at night and few like to work early in the morning. So blogging is so flexible regarding its working time.

  1. Have time for your dear ones

You run your blog at your home where you can be near to your dear ones. If you want to work in an MNC then chances are really high that you will require to leave your home and also your family.

At first instance, it looks so exciting but living far away from your home is too bad. I have faced this problem of leaving out and I know how I faced those days. Sometimes you only need your dear ones not a night out with friends.

  1. Safe your future

I should not include these points here but jobs are not worthy if you talk about safe future. There is no job security even in the big companies.

Recession has broken all the myths of jobs. Also if you talk about salary then again blogging wins. I have many friends who are still working in small companies to gain experience.

And even they are sure that after getting experience their salary has limited scope. Where as in blogging there is no limit of money earning.

  1. Students advantages

I always recommend students to start a blog when they are in college. According to me it is the best time to start a blog where you have lots of time to learn and experiment.

Writing a blog and reading other blogs help students in their academic too. There are lots of students who are earning a handsome amount of money and they are still in the college.

I am not disgracing you if you are not earning but it is the time to change your destiny for you.

  1. A big change

When change happens, it always starts with a small element. Blogs will be the next best careers option in the near future as each day new bloggers are coming and showing their potential.

It is not just because others bloggers have done great job but newbie bloggers already know how powerful tool blogging can be.

Blogging has changed life of many and who knows; maybe you are the next one to bring a big change again.

  1. Work at anytime

Sometimes, I don’t want to wake up from my bed but alarm says me to get up soon because you have to reach to the office. Yes it happens with all of us whether we are in school or working in a job.

As a blogger, this freedom is also given to you. If you have worked late night then you can wake us freely in the morning.

There is no time bonding for you as you can work at any time. If you are comfortable in working at night then it is in your hand.

  1. You are free to speak in your own voice

Blog is your own property where you are free to speak anything. Sometimes blogger write controversial posts because they know that there is no one who can raise finger on them.

As near us we all have some limits to speak but here you are not bound to anyone. I know being rude is not good for a blog.

But if any one says wrong to you then you have the power to kick him out from your blog because you cannot please everyone in this world.

  1. Helping others

According to me, there is no other great feeling for anyone when he helps others. Blogging gives you power to help others.

Whether you are running a career blog, health blog and entertainment blog etc, you can always benefit others by solving their problems.

There are many Pro blogger who are helping newbie bloggers. And also Pro bloggers donate some amount of money in charity (Which is really great).

  1. Share your knowledge and experience

Whatever you have in your mind what you want to share with other, you can do it in blogging. You can also share your knowledge and experience with others.

And you know what is the best part of it, people pay you to share your experience. Your knowledge, your hardwork and your success story, everything is going to pay you money which is of course awesome.

  1. Create your own identity

Tell me how many of you know about those persons who are doing jobs. Hardly few and the reason is quite fair because there are billions of employees. But blogging is new emerging field where a newbie can make his own identity.

You will be known as you, not an employer of XYZ Company. I guess it is a great feeling when anyone calls you with words like none other than, the one and only.

  1. Learn new things

Life is all about learning new things each and every day. When you stop learning, it means you have stopped living. In a job, there are fewer opportunities for you to learn new things because you are restricted to your job.

But in blogging, you are free to do all kind of experiments. Yes all the bloggers do many experiments whether it is related to their blog design or with monetization of their blog. They always look for new things to learn and gain knowledge.

If I only talk about the bright side or advantages of anything then I must be a thief. As I always recommend to start blogging without any discussion but still I will say to have a look on these disadvantages of blogging.

And please don’t misunderstand me; these disadvantages are not to demoralize you. It is just to make you aware that how you will face them.

Disadvantages of Blogging

  1. Easy to start but difficult to continue

The game of blogging is very easy to start where you need some easy integration steps but after that you may face some unexpected problems.

As your start writing articles on your blog, you find that your blog is not growing by doing so much hard work.

There are many technical terms too like html, java script, php and cms that are not typical to learn but for person with non-technical background these problems create lots of unconditional stuff.

SEO is the new big problem for many starting bloggers because they don’t understand Google algorithm accurately.

  1. Loneliness

Blogging is totally related to you. You have started a blog and you have to take it up. Till you don’t create buzz or great traffic, you will be obviously feeling alone.

It is bitter truth of blogging and every blogger faces this problem. Even I have faced this problem of loneliness because there was no one with me and I was completely alone with my blog.

Being alone always hearts whether you talk about career or relationship.

  1. No money at starting stages

Starting stage of blogging is really the worst part of it. Here you don’t have any money to spend on your blog. You don’t have money so that you can go for a tour with your friends.

You can learn many tricks that how I made 2000$ from a new blog in just one day. But these all are tricks that works only for a while. And there is no guarantee of it whether these will work for you or not.

One cannot earn money from a one day old blog until or unless something big is done on it. So there is no money at starting stage of your blogging and you have to just go like it till you make money.

  1. No community like office

When you work at office, you have colleagues with whom you share your feelings. There is no one with you to motivate when you feel down in blogging.

It is proven that a person who lives around others feel more confidant. You have to make your own community and it cannot happen until you start getting lots of visits to your blog and that takes time for sure.

  1. Motivation

It is very difficult for anyone to keep his motivation up for the whole weak or whole month. When you don’t see your blog progress, you get into depression and feels like you have ruined your whole life.

And it happens because generally blogs never start appearing up in search results just at starting stage.

Sometimes you have to wait for it to get up. I know there are other tricks too with which you can raise your ranking but till you don’t learn them you have to face it. And it puts your moral really very down.

  1. You have to be in discipline

Discipline is very first ingredient for success in any field. And in blogging it is just as important as patience. You have to work in a formatted manner.

You cannot just say that I will post my article after 1 month or I will promote it after 2 months. You have to work according to your time table where time should be given to each activity like promotions, SEO, article writing, and link building.

  1. No internet no work

Blogs, websites and any social media is nothing if you don’t have the access of internet. You must have an internet connection if you want to do anything for your blog like updation, reading and promotion.

And if you got your internet closed for the whole day or week then you have to just stay like it. You blog will not move any step forward in that time period.

So no internet accesses, no work and off course no money.

  1. Google killing algorithm updates and hackers problem

There is one new theory come out with the growth of Google. It states that,” There is no one night success over Google but there is one night failure for sure”.

Yes many bloggers have faced this problem of killing Google algorithm even I faced this two times on one of my blog. You wake up and check your earning report in the morning, you find that all your results have removed by Google search engine that were showing up.

It is horrible to see. Also there are many other fears like server crash or hackers that may harm your blog.

  1. Health problems

You have to sit all the time on laptop and there is no physical work done by you. Soon you will be facing some health related problems.

In all other task you have to go for the office where you do some physical task at least for a while like moving up on stairs etc. But in blogging you don’t have to leave even your bed.

You can work there for the whole day. This creates many health problems like fat, body pain, or sometimes chest pain (I faced it.).

  1. You may become lazy

No particular time of waking up and no particular time for sleeping make you very lazy. Believe me or not, we all bloggers become so lazy that we don’t want to go to the gym sometimes.

Laziness is obvious because there is no one who can rule on you. You are your own boss and you do what you want to do.

  1. Effects your eye sight

As we have talked that working on the laptop for the whole day create many health related problem. A weak eye sight also comes in it.

Study shows, those persons who work on their laptop and computers are most likely to face eye sight problem. 

Sometimes you feel pain in your eye but still you work on your laptop to update your blog. There is no solution for this problem because you cannot work on laptop by closing your eyes

  1. No school for blogging

In starting, you have to learn everything from your own. There is no school or college where blogging is being studied as a subject. It is really bad that even our teachers don’t know about blogging.

I am not saying about all the teachers but most of the teachers just know about the syllabus of internet not about blogging.

It is only you and only you who go everywhere to learn about blogging and makes it possible.

  1. No work no money

You will not be given anything if you are ill or you are not able to work on your blog. Here jobs win where you get salary each month and if you are ill you can also take your salary (not in some cases that are rare).

So you have to work on your blog if you want to some money out of it. And until you are ill don’t expect any growth of your blog.

  1. Takes time

There is no one day success story in blogging or even in any field. When I strictly talk about blogging then it takes time to make your blog popular and to earn some decent amount of money out of it.

You have to be patient until you get something from your blog. Also you cannot be just patient, you have to work hard too on it.

Sometimes it takes year for a newbie to understand some facts and truths about blogging. So it takes time and this time is very crucial and hard.

  1. You face criticism sometimes

Your family members criticize you sometimes for your decisions. Also your friends give you many suggestions to leave blogging or they make fun of you.

You have to face a lot of criticism from every one and sometimes bloggers just quite blogging due to this reason because it is very embarrassing for a newbie blogger.

These are the disadvantages of blogging that you may face when you start running your own blog.

Finally blogging is all about experiments, learning new things and improving yourself. Blogging is really greatest among all career options and I will always recommend you do start a blog.

If you have any advantage and disadvantage of blogging that I forget to include then please share it in the comment section below.

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