Why motivation is important in Blogging

By | July 30, 2016

The game of blogging isn’t easy or hard.

It’s all about the state of your mind that how you take it, as an opportunity or a problem.

To start a blog, the very first thing needed is confidence that yes your idea will work.

And what does confidence mean in term of blogging?

It means being motivated in worst conditions about your vision.

Motivation helps a blogger in many ways to make his blog successful.

Yes of course!

Some time you don’t want to write content but your motivation keeps you writing new content daily.

Also motivation helps in many other ways like in researching, being patience and sticking to the vision.

Here is this post goes to tell you why motivation is important in blogging.

Why motivation is important in blogging

To write content on regular basis

It is the very first task every blogger should focus because

If you have no content

Then you can’t do any SEO

This means No Visitors

And finally no income for sure

But bloggers who are frustrated tends to search tips and tricks more than content writing skills.

It is not because they don’t know content’s importance but because of no motivation to work more on blog.

So motivation is required to write content daily, ones you lose it, you are not going to update your blog for weeks, months and for years.

To be patience

You cannot expect you blog to generate thousands of dollars in just few days.

Every blog needs time to get established.

And sometimes, it takes more time than what you have thought.

Here patience comes into action.

And only your motivation toward your aim can make you patience.

If you are motivated then you will always focus on the solution for problem, not on cheap tips and tricks. Also patience needs your inner power that is generated by motivations and self confidence.

In being confident what you say

Blogs having good readership produces far better results when it comes on monetizing it.

And readership of blog is directly proportional to faith of your readers on you.

You give years to build a readership blog that happens just because of your locality.

Whatever you say in your post should be accurate if your want to win the faith of your readers.

Also you have to confident what you say, it is your motivation that gives you confidence in writing killing content.

So a motivated blogger always be confidant what he writes in his post.

In research

Research is made when you have some experience of doing that properly. In blogging, we do many researches like keyword research, content research, SEO research and link building research.

More you do it more you will grow.

But you cannot do research if you don’t have experience and experience comes from bad experiences.

 Think, if you have no motivation then how you can face bad experiences.

No, never, you can’t face them; you need motivation to gain experience.

To work in the worst situations

It is written in the destiny of bloggers that they will face worst situation.

I know it might not happen with everyone.

But when I say for about 98% then it means it happens.

Sometimes you work hard on your blog and you get no visitors.

Sometimes your server gets crashed and you feel like you have destroyed everything.

These are the situation when you should never lose hope of coming back. A hope that you will also be listed where you want to be.

And this hope can make your working on these situations that is a must required thing for a blog.

Ones you stop working, you will go out of this game.

To keep you expecting

Whenever we do anything, we expect something from it.

No there is no problem in expecting something.


Sometimes, you don’t get what you expected. You try to find the reason and again you don’t get anything clear.

Blogging is in the same way, if you have planned that at the end of the day you will be having 200 more visitors then blogging will show its real face to you.

You can plan but you cannot decide your success rate.

The better thing is to keep working and expecting that this will work because it takes time.

Your motivation will always keep you expecting for better results

To be alone

Loneliness is a gift from blogging. You cannot have friends in blogging like you have in office.

You have to accept it that you are going to be alone until you get success. But with your motivation you can kill your loneliness. Ones you become gutty to be alone, you will not need anyone to be with you.

TO stick to your vision

Most of the blogs fail because they don’t have any vision. They just share some random stuff on their blog by copying it from other blogs.

These types of blogs never give result to anyone but just waste your precious time.

It is better to have a vision of your blog. As I have a vision for this blog

“I will make blogging so easy that everyone will start doing it instead of searching for jobs.”

And yes I am highly motivated that my blog will achieve those heights.

My motivation never let me forget my vision. Whatever the condition is, I never compromises with my vision and I always be sustained on it.

So if you all what to do something big in your blogging life then be motivated and have faith in yourself that ONE DAY YOU WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

And it was all about why motivation is important in blogging.

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