How to choose the Best Domain Name for your blog

By | July 25, 2016

How to choose the best domain name for your blog: A domain name is the basically the name of your blog. Today the market of blogs has become so much competitive that you should take your step very carefully. Choosing the best domain name for your blog is also a tricky and important step. Firstly you should be sure with your blog that

Whether you want a searchable blog?—Like Any SEO friendly Blog Name


Whether you want a blog with brand name?—Like Any name of blog that seems a brand

So it depends upon you that what you want to do with your blog. A catchy domain name is easy to remember for many days or month like LETMEHIT.COM.  Here I am sharing some tips for How to choose the best domain name for your blog.

How to choose the best domain name for your blog?

Sticking to you niche

Whenever you choose the name of the blog always remember your niche of the blog. It should not be like you are making a financial blog and choosing its name as a health blog. If you are making your blog for searching purpose then it should revolves around he niche of the blog.

A niche will decide that what kind of domain name you should pick for your blog.

Should be catchy

As I have already told you that a catchy domain name is easy to remember. Also it makes your blog more branding. Long domain name are always difficult to remember. If you have some great stuff in your blog and your domain name is so lengthy then you will definitely lose your readers.

It should be interesting to attract its visitors and should look creative.

SEO Friendly

SEO is what that makes your blog more searchable and without it your domain name may disappear from search results while you have the best content. If you choose a domain name according to seo advantages then it is going to help you a lot in search engines ranking. A keyword based domain name is great as it contains the main keyword that is more seo friendly.

I recommend you not to choose so specific keyword related domain name because it may restrict you to write more specific articles.

.com is till Recommended

As domain name companies are now providing a wide range of extensions. But still .com is recommended by most of the pro bloggers. Yes if you are running a personal blog then it does not matters so much but for a commercial blog it is necessary to have a domain name with extension .com.

Sometime to take the advantage of registered domain name, bloggers choose the name of popular blogs with other extensions. But it is really not a good practice if you want to make a big venture.

Simple and Short

A simple and short blog is always good for blogs. Domain names that are difficult in pronunciation make bad impact on the readers and followers. A short and simple domain name makes your blog branding and also remembering.

Of course you can take a domain name of 63 characters but telling any person a domain name with so much length is really weird.

So these were the ideas about how to choose the best domain name for your blog? If you like our article then please share it and if you want some help from us then please press the comment button below. We would love to help you regarding all your problems.

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