5 Best methods to Earn Money from Blogging

By | July 25, 2016

5 Best methods to earn money from blogging: Making blogs has become a fashion in this era. As we know that a blog can also pay you money so there are lots of bloggers who are dong blogging for money purpose. Doing blogging for money is not bad but doing blogging only for money is not a good idea. Firstly you should make your blog famous at least to get some amount from it.

For sure there are lots of methods to earn money if you are running a successful blog. But you can also earn money if you know some basic methods of earning money from blogging without having lots of visitors. So here are 5 best methods to earn money from blogging.

5 Best methods to Earn Money from Blogging


Adsense is a product of Google that serves ads on the basic of search results. It is a CPC ads networks that pays you when anyone clicks on your ads. It is the first choice for all the bloggers. Whoever starts blogging always try for Adsense because it the the best CPC network. There are many success stories of many bloggers who earned a lot of money from Adsense.

For this you have to apply for the adsense account from your blog. Of course it is somewhat difficult to get adsense account in countries like India and Pakistan. But it is not impossible for sure. I have seen many bloggers leaving blogging just due to not getting their adsense account. They need to understand that there are lots of other methods that can them more than adsense. The only things they need is patience.


Affiliates are also the best earning methods for many blog. An affiliate is a person who put the banner of any product on his blog and whenever anyone’s buy that product he gets his commission out of it. It can be a best method over adsense if you have a large number of visitors.

You can earn more that adsense if you have a good sale for any month but  you may get nothing if you don’t have any sale. In this case adsense comes over it because adsense is always going to pay you with or without sales.

Direct Advertisements

It is for only those blogs that carry a great number of visitors. There are many direct advertisers who are willing to place ads on your blog. Also by registering on direct sales you can get direct advertisers. Here Adsense or any other affiliate company will not ask you for the commission. The whole money will be of yours only.

For a blog with authority it is the best method to earn the money from his blog.

Sponsored Reviews

Few days back, I got a message from a visitor that he wants me to write a sponsored review for his product. And for this he was willing to pay me some decent amount of money. You are not going to believe me but in countries like USA, blogger with 300 visitors per day are taking 500$ per sponsored review. It is your strategy that how you find these company who want you to write sponsored reviews.

It is good that if you search on the Google and mail them for sponsored review. For this you must have good bounce rate and average time of visitors on your blog.

Guest articles and Backlinks

You are running a blog and someone wants to link to you then guest articles and direct backlink is the best method to connect with your blog. With this they will not get only the visitors but also an opportunity to rank higher in search results with the help of backlink provided by you.

In return, you can ask them for some money to write guest articles on your blog. For this your blog must be somewhat old and it should have good page rank, page authority (Most needed) and domain authority.

If you want to learn more about blogging and earning money then put your questions below in the comment sections. I hope you like our article 5 Best methods to earn money from blogging. And if you have anything new then please share it with us.

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