7 Dead sure Things needed to start a blog

By | July 23, 2016

7 Dead sure Things needed to start a blog: So now you have decided that you will start your own blog. Believe me; if you have made this decision then you have won half of the game. The remaining task is now just of your focus on blogging. Don’t get afraid that how will it possible to start a blog because you have an empty knowledge base about blogging.

Understand this fact that there is no college where blogging is taught. Your experience in blogging will teach you everything. And if you don’t start then you will not get this experience. Also in the starting, no one is the master of blogging as I was also not. More you learn more will be your blogging skills will get improved. As in our last article we learnt some basic terms like what is a blog and blogging and who is a blogger. Today I am sharing some practical 7 dead sure things needed to start a new blog.

7 Dead sure Things needed to start a blog

Little Investment

You can find lots of guidance from your friends that you can make your blog without any investment.  Of course there are many platforms where you can host a blog for free. But I want to ask you a question,” Are you seriously want to start blogging”? If you really want to start it seriously then you should buy your own blog. There are lots of difference in between free hosted blogs and paid blogs.

In a free hosted blog you don’t have all the access and ownership of your blog and also advertisers (Who will pay you money) never prefer a free hosted blog for their advertisements. It is also true that you can change a free hosted blog into paid blog but why this thing is needed when you have to invest a little amount of money.

For a paid hosted blog with domain name and hosting you need to invest about 55 to 65 dollars.

Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your blog or website. It is necessary that you have a name for your blog. You should not choose the name of your blog according to your personal name. It should be professional because your blog is not made only for your country. The whole world will visit your blog and it looks so weird to have your personal name.


There are many cheap hosting companies from where you can buy web hosting plans. It is good that you buy your web hosting space from these companies in starting. In starting you need less space and bandwidth and after that you can increase your space and bandwidth as your visitors increase.

Writing skills

For a successful blog, good writing skills are must. As a famous quote in the world of blogging

“Content is The Real King”

It is your content that will make your visitors to read your blog. Never copy your content from other blogs. It will ruin your all reputation on the world of web. So always be real and work on your writing skills.

Knowledge of some technical terms

You should have some knowledge of technical terms. You must now basics of html, php and java script. You should learn about Google analytics, webmaster and keyword search tools.


As content is the king then SEO is the queen. SEO stands for search engine optimization; with it you optimize your content for search engines. As your circle is restricted, so these are search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo that will make your blog found on the web. You must have the knowledge of SEO so that you can never get ignored on the web.

So these were the ideas about 7 Dead sure Things needed to start a blog. If you like our article then please share it and if you want some help from us then please press the comment button below. We would love to help you regarding all your problems.

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