Complete guidance for How to start a blog:

By | July 23, 2016

Complete guidance for How to start a blog: Blogging is probably the best option for an individual to start something really big. And as we all know there are many others who are trying to be like a pro blogger. So without choosing that rat race you should be smart working and a person with plans.

Now the question arises that How to start a blog. Of course you can find thousand of articles that chose a domain name and webhosting company and start your blog. But do you really think that it is sufficient to run a successful blog. If you ask me then the answer is really a BIG NO because a successful blog is always a venture of strategies. All the things really matters that when, why and how to start a blog. Before you go in this serious but interesting business, you should answer the very first question.

Why to blog..????          

A blog contains thought and opinions about what you are interested in. If you don’t know that why you are going to blog then your best will never come out from you. Is it your passion or you are affectionate from others success. It is really hard to answer this question because everyone says that it is his passion.

The main reason for many bloggers is just affection. But there are others too who do it for their interest and these bloggers are called pro blogger. Of course money should be your concern but the only aim should be blogging and money will automatically come. So always have answer of this question that why you are blogging and forget about money at least in starting.

Complete guidance for How to start a blog?

Decide your niche

 If a person likes writing then he can write on every niche but it is not going to produce best results because there are some portions where we are the best. Ask your mind that what he wants to write about where he does not feel bore. Ones you get the answer of this question then there will be no one who can stop you because whatever you write, all these things will be from your heart. Also your niche will help you to go up in the search results.

Choose CMS

You can buy domain name and web hosting from any company. But choosing a CMS is in your hand and you have to do this from your own (if you want help then please comment below we will surely help you). In starting I searched for many companies who could tell me about CMS but found nothing. So I learnt it from my own but I will not suggest you to waste your time. Here is the guide for you

There are many CMS for blogging like joomla, wordpress and drupal etc but the best one is wordpress at least for me. It is totally blogging based CMS where you don’t have to worry about any technical knowledge. WordPress is the simplest among all the CSM’s. Its installation is of few steps just. So choose your CMS smartly otherwise it is going to trouble you in coming days.


Design of website should always be user friendly. I never recommend you to have a hi-fi design with so many flash banners or images. A simple design is what a blogger needs the most. Obviously your audience is not coming to see the design of your blog. They are here to get the information from your blog. So always give information instead of unnecessary design.

Plan your content before start writing

As I told you that you content is everything for your audience. So your content should be planned before you write it. Writing some random posts is not going to help you and also it is hectic to get daily new ideas for articles. It is good to plan you content before. With this you can get a routine work by knowing that how much task you have completed so far.


Promotion is the very basic ingredient in the recipe of blog success. If you are not promoting your blogs then you must be cheating yourself for sure. Bloggers should always promote their articles on different social networking websites and other blogs. They should promote their blog on


Other Blogs

Bookmarking Websites

Social Networking websites

Directories etc

Also it is will help you in search results ranking.

So these were the ideas about complete guidance for How to start a blog. If you like our article then please share it and if you want some help from us then please press the comment button below. We would love to help you regarding all your problems.

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