How to improve readership for your blog

By | August 10, 2016

How to improve readership for your blog: You have heard this term many time that what is readership of a blog and how it is important for a blog. In real world readership is the only thing that gives you lots of benefits. It is good deal if you start improving it.

Before you starting knowing that how to improve readership, you should know two basic questions. Here In this article you will learn what is readership, its importance and how to improve it.

How to improve readership for your blog

What is readership?

Readership of a blog is defined as how much visitors are engaged to your blog and how much time they spent surfing your blog. It is a healthy sigh for any blog to have good readership. It is the measure of your blog authorship too that your visitors trusts on your information.

Importance of readership

There are lots of benefits of blog readership that helps a blog to grow more and more.  In these types of blogs, visitors are likely to spend more time than any other blogs which in turn decreases the bounce rate of the blog. They always create more buzz on the search results. Also a blog having good readership attracts more advertisers to put ads on the blog.

People love to share these types of blog where informations are correct and up to date, so it is important that you always give unique and valuable content to your audience. Here are some tips given to improve readership of your blog.

Fresh and unique content

Unique content is the demand of internet from its starting years. A blog with unique content is always appreciated by others and also by search engines. If you are able to provide fresh content to your audience then it is obvious that your blog readerships will increase automatically. There are lots of other fears like Google panda and penguin that can be avoided with the help of fresh content.

Interlink pages with each others

Putting related page widget in the sidebar or bottom is a good idea to increase the readership of blog. But if you can interlink the pages then it is like icing on the cake. People who are visiting your particular article may be interested to read something more about related to that topic.

Or it is also possible that they want to visit your other articles too. So without making them search on Google or your blog, give them a link to your other articles. With this they will likely to spend more time on your blog.

Uses charts, videos and table

A detailed post with lots of analysis is always a good idea. And if you want to put more value in your articles then it is necessary that you include some charts and statistics table into it. If your audience need video to understand that topic then it is better that you make your own videos and put them into the articles. If making your own video is not possible then you can take it from internet with permission. With this you article will become complete and lovable on which one can sit for long time.

Share it with everyone

A good content is nothing if no one is reading it. So how can you make others to read? One of the ways is to sit and wait for the search engines to put your results up and one is by sharing it on different social networks and blogs. This will make others aware about your content and if they share it then automatically your article will go viral. This directly influences your readership to increase more ad more.

Make a frequency and Stay updated

A blog that is not updated so frequently grows never. In the field of internet it is necessary that you update your blog on the daily bases with some fresh content. Also you should work on your old posts to make them up to date.

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