How to know your customers: An Entrepreneur tips

By | August 10, 2016

How to know your customers: An Entrepreneur tips: I met with my friends last year. He was running a business of jewelry and ornaments. He has thousands of products to showcase their customers. Also he has invested a lot of money to make his business grow. Still he was not getting a desirable business from their customers. He had his shop in a small town where customers don’t have so much money to buy expensive ornaments.

At last he understood that what their customers want from him, so he replaced all his products with some less expensive products. Soon his shop becomes a big hit and now he was getting desirable business from his shop.

So from this story, one thing is clear that knowing your customers is everything you need to run your business. Here I am giving you some ideas that how to know your customers. But before you read these tips, you need to know that

Customers are everything for the business.

How to know your customers: An Entrepreneur tips

Organize events

Lots of firms organize events each month. They invest lots of money in organizing these events. Also they give some prizes to the winners who participate in the events. So do you think companies have extra money to spend for free? Of course no because all the companies work on a particular strategy.

They Organize events to know what their customers want from them. If you want to know your customers then it is better that you invest some money and know your customers better.

Social Media

If you don’t have money to invest in events then social media can serve you a chance to know your customers for free. Surely you will be running many social networking websites where you promote your products. Go to these websites ad run a pole there to know what actually customers think about your company and what they think about your products.

Know their Biography

Surely you have online analytics to know where your customers are from. Or if you are running a local business then you must be aware of it that where your customers used to come. It is a good practice to know everything about the area where they leave. What is the demand of customers living there? What is the geographical need of the people that you can serve? Find the answer of these questions and get ready to make related product for them.

Their past Purchases

It is the best method to know your customers. Make a chart of past purchase from the customer. Analyze what customers are actually willing to buy from your shop. It will give you an idea that what your customers are interested in and why they are coming to your shop.

By this you can now focus to improve the quality of your most selling product and also you can work on other products to make them more selling.

Make their profile and know what they want

There are many firms that make personal profiles for most visiting customers. They provides them discount on their purchases. In the profile they add their biography, their area, their interests and their last purchases details.

With this it becomes easy to contact them when you launch a new product. A good entrepreneur is the one who can understand the need of their customers. So know your customers that what actually they want from you.

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